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For every high-performing Mercury® MerCruiser® engine, there’s an equally high-performing drive. Working together to give you better performance. Whatever your boating style. Each drive is designed, built, and tested to deliver best-in-class reliability. So, you can enjoy easy maintenance, low cost of ownership, and true peace of mind.

DRIVES Alpha One®

Alpha One®

Strong. Versatile. Reliable.

Available for single and twin-engine applications, the Alpha One’s efficient hydrodynamic profile produces very little drag, which means better boat performance and fuel economy.
Features like an integrated water pump and permanently lubricated pivot points let you spend less time on maintenance and more time boating.
Designed for boats capable of up to 65 mph and gas engines delivering up to 300hp and diesel engines up to 150hp.

Bravo One®

Bravo One®

When Speed Matters

Extended-length torpedos reduce drag and a deeper skeg provides a large rudder area for excellent steering response at any speed.
Refined and well-mannered with best-in-class shifting. Intended for single, twin, and triple applications for boats that go over 100 mph, gas engines up to 600hp and diesel engines up to 370hp.
Bravo One®, Bravo One X®, Bravo One XR® for gas sterndrives; Bravo One X Diesel and Bravo One XR Diesel for diesel engines.

Bravo Two®

Handle The Biggest with The Best

With a longer-length design and large-diameter shaft, Bravo Two® and Bravo Two X® accommodate up to 20-inch propellers.
High thrust at low speeds. Quick planing. Improved fuel economy. Everything you need to get going – and get going fast.
No matter how big the load. For twin applications up to 55 mph, gas engines up to 450hp and diesel engines up to 370hp.
Bravo Two, Bravo Two X, for gas sterndrives; Bravo Two X Diesel and Bravo Two XR® Diesel for diesel engines.

Bravo Three®

Bravo Three®

The Ultimate In Efficiency And Agile Handling

Featuring dual contra-rotating propellers, the Bravo Three® gives you great steering control in the marina and incredible performance on open water.
The extra blade on the propellers lets your boat plane-off at a lower speed for optimal fuel efficiency.
Efficient design for minimal bow rise.
Advanced acceleration for better forward visibility. Single/twin applications up to 65 mph, gas engines up to 525hp or diesel engines up to 370hp. Acceleration, maneuverability, and efficiency.
Bravo Three, Bravo Three X®, Bravo Three XR for gas sterndrives; Bravo Three X Diesel and Bravo Three XR Diesel for diesel engines.

Bravo Four S Forward-Facing Drive

Exhilarating Performance for Wakesurfing and Other Tow Sports

Forward-facing props grip the water for enhanced maneuverability at typical slow surfing speeds.
For MerCruiser® 4.5L V6, 6.2L V8 and 8.2L V8 gas sterndrives from 250hp to 430hp. Versatile choice for tow sports, cruising, and family activities.

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