Winterizing your boat

Winterizing your boat before storage will save you time and money next season.

By winterizing your boat, you are protecting it for the future.

If you store your boat out of the water, on a trailer, in a garage, or on a boat lift, then you need to have your boat Winterized to eliminate problems. Insurance companies do not cover damage caused by freezing, or non-winterized boats.

Winterizing your boat before storage will save you time and money next season. Have your boat bottom cleaned at the end of the season for added protection and exterior maintenance

Winterizing Your Boat Will Help Eliminate

Winterizing Consists Of

Shrink Wrapping

There is no better way to protect your boat from the winter elements like rain, ice, and mold than having your boat shrink wrapped. Our shrink-wrapping material is 100% waterproof and strong enough to resist high winds and heavy rain, we will also be installing moisture collector bags and vents to allow the shrink wrap to breath. We can also shrink wrap your jet skis, car, tractor, UTV, etc.! 

If your boat is too wet to shrink wrap, for an additional fee we will wipe down your upholstery with mold protectant and install Damp Rid Moisture Collector bags, which helps keep your boat dry inside. We can install tent poles and cover it with a waterproof tarp. Besides shrink wrapping your boat, this is the best way to protect your boat from this winter’s harsh weather. Most covers are not waterproof which creates moisture under your cover and causes mold that damages your upholstery, parts, and engine. WE ONLY DO THIS IF YOUR BOAT IS TOO WET TO SHRINK WRAP.

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Ready For Winter?

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